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SELECT WORKS (2006 - 2020)

The Macrotones Livid Revivalist The Macrotones Livid Revivalist
The Macrotones Livid Revivalist The Macrotones Livid Revivalist
Arcade Rats The Macrotones Livid Revivalist
The Macrotones 2EP Black Flag Tribute
The Macrotones 2EP The Macrotones 2EP
DB / Macrotones split 7" DB / Macrotones split 7"
Flying Vipers - The Copper Tape The Macrotones- Unknown Outpost
Rob Carmichael Live Flying Vipers Green Tape



052 Dub Fader Cuts Flying Vipers
051 Eat Death Alive Minus Delta Vee
050 Cuttings Flying Vipers
049 Bloody Hands The Macrotones
048 Nervous Breakdub (Pandemic Version) Flying Vipers
047 Pandemic Versions Flying Vipers
046 Two Twenties Clash Flying Vipers
045 Parasitic Arcade Rats
044 Livid Revivalist The Macrotones
043 Sisu OST Noises at Dusk
SST Nervous Breakdub Flying Vipers
042 The Shark Eats The Macrotones
041 The Prisoner Flees The Macrotones
040 The Shadow Tape Flying Vipers
039 The First Two Tapes Flying Vipers
038 Shapeshifters Destroy Babylon
037 Revel in Obscurity Vol. 1 V/A
036 Split 7" V/A
035 Highest Region Flying Vipers
034 The Copper Tape Flying Vipers
033 Unknown Outpost The Macrotones
032 If You Have Nothing Nice to Say, Say It Live Rob Carmichael
031 The Green Tape Flying Vipers
FVK Fearless Vampire Killers Arcade Rats
030 Andy Bergman & the 3 AM Orchestra Andy Bergman
029 Darvaza The Macrotones
028 Long Live the Version Destroy Babylon
027 Long Live the Vortex Destroy Babylon
026 Dub of Ages Vol. 2 Destroy Babylon
025 Culture Pirates EP Destroy Babylon
024 Clash On The High Seas V/A
023 Dub of Ages Vol. 1 Destroy Babylon
022 DOTM - Buddhahookah Destroy Babylon
021 DOTM - Fauxhouse Rock Destroy Babylon
020 DOTM - Dub is Dead Destroy Babylon
019 DOTM - Mega Dub Inna Orbit City Destroy Babylon
018 DOTM - Robot Sings in Dub Destroy Babylon
017 DOTM - Double Farts Destroy Babylon
016 Culture Pirates Destroy Babylon
015 DOTM - The Future is Heavy Destroy Babylon
014 DOTM - Dub Me Out Destroy Babylon
013 DOTM - War is Kaoss Destroy Babylon
012 What Heights? Growlers
011 DOTM - Gimme Gimme Gimme Dub Destroy Babylon
010 RPM 2009 - Music ADD V/A
009 DOTM - Snowed in Dub Destroy Babylon
008 DOTM - Peaceful Transition of Power Dub Destroy Babylon
007 Backyard Babylon: Live in Queens Destroy Babylon
006 The Shadow Army Destroy Babylon
005 This is Not a Bomb Destroy Babylon
004 Separation Destroy Babylon
003 Pints & Quarts Growlers
002 Black Eyes Gejius
001 Oligopuzzled Destroy Babylon



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